Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Ailise O'Neill

MFA Graduate Residency Award Winner 2012

Artist Intro

"My work stems from an underlying interest in light, within the photographic sense, capturing fleeting moments, memory, time and the beauty in ordinary everyday objects and events. This involved pinhole photography, walk-in light installations, sound and video projections. The objects and cameras themselves can be as much a part of my work as the light projections and images they create. At the moment I’m using an old disused camera as a viewing device to focus on and capture what is happening around us, and perhaps explore how we record and see everyday occurrences. There is a relationship between the subject, the process and the cameras ‘unique vision’ which is interesting. This work, along with the super 8 piece is quite experimental and I’d like to record, not an instant, but rather the passage of time, a memory, and be able to capture the essence of place." Ailise O'Neill, 2012

design & development