Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Allison Maria Rodriguez

Artist Intro

Allison Maria Rodriguez (she/her) is a first-generation Cuban-American interdisciplinary artist working in video installation. She creates immersive experiential spaces that challenge conventional ways of knowing and understanding the world. Her work focuses extensively on climate change, species extinction and the interconnectivity of existence. Through video, digital animation, photography, drawing, performance, sculpture, collage and installation, Rodriguez merges and blends mediums to create new pictorial spaces for aesthetic, emotional and conceptual exploration. She uses art to communicate beyond language – to open up a space of possibility for the viewer to encounter alternative ways of connecting to the emotional realities of others.

Rodriguez will be working on two projects while in residence at DAS. She will be focusing on animals native to Ireland in a continuation of her “Earth Oracles” project - a multi-channel immersive video installation that creates a sacred space centred around moving image portraits of various endangered species. She will also be researching and collecting footage for a new multi-media installation project via exploration and immersion in the landscape of Northern Ireland.

Rodriguez’s work has been exhibited internationally, throughout the United States, and extensively in the New England region. Her immersive installations have been on view in venues such as the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, Montserrat Gallery, Smack Mellon, Fitchburg Art Museum, Northeastern University, Emerson Contemporary, Milton Academy, Installation Space, Boston Cyberarts Gallery, Boston Center for the Arts and the Boston Children’s Museum, among many others. Her projects also include several commissions of large-scale public art video installations within the city of Boston, MA.

Her work has been supported by grants from The Boston Foundation, Mass Cultural Council, The Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, Red Bull Arts, Foundation for Contemporary Arts, CreateWell Fund, Boston Cultural Council, Arlington Cultural Council, Archie D. & Bertha H. Walker Foundation and Assets for Artists. Rodriguez is a Brother Thomas Fellow of The Boston Foundation, and has previously been awarded an Earthwatch Communications Fellowship and the grand prize at the Creative Climate Awards. She received her MFA from Tufts University/The School of the Museum of Fine Arts and holds a BA in Language, Literature and Culture from Antioch College in OH, obtained also through study at Oxford University in England and Kyoto Seika University in Japan.

International Residency kindly funded by Belfast City Council.

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