Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Andrew Martin

BA Graduate Residency Award Winner 2012

Artist Intro

"In previous projects I was interested in the idea of a post-apocalyptic world, destruction, desolation and the ephemerality of structures once believed to be sustainable. I became interested in these ideas after finding and photographing a private hospital that had been abandoned for years. Seeing how the building had slowly started to decay and how it was gradually falling apart was fascinating and this became a recurrent theme in my work. I decided to work with a similar theme during the residency at DAS, but rather than going out looking for derelict buildings to photograph, I decided that I would take advantage of the facilities available during my residency and use photo editing software to try and create my own post-apocalyptic scenes. Until recently I have always tried to avoid using photo editing software as much as possible, however I wanted to exploit the ability to transform fairly mundane scenes into something fantastical and intriguing, via photo manipulation."

design & development