Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Anne Quail

UK & Ireland Artist in Residence

Artist Intro

Anne Quail is a Belfast based artist and graduate from the Masters of Fine Art at the University of Ulster. Her practice ranges from durational performance, to video installation and drawing.

We see evidence of the land in the drawings that have been made whilst in-journey in the work 'Direct Inconstancy' (2009). In this work the artist exerts minimal control over a pen as it moves across the paper. The movement of a travelling car, the journey directed by a Sat-Nav device, causes the marks. The subsequent video recording of the pen, drawing, resembles that of a seismograph. It is the topography of the land that makes the mark and creates the line. This work is then presented as a video installation. The video is shown on a small screen, similar to the Sat-Nav device, and placed on a plinth of stacked A4 paper. The camera with pen attached is also displayed on a similar paper plinth, along with framed pictures of the drawings made. Quail suggests a liveness in how she installs the work and how she wants the audience to move

design & development