Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Aoife Tolerton

VAI @ DAS Residency Award Winner 2018

Artist Intro

Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Aoife graduated from the National College of Art & Design with an Honours Degree in Visual Communications. She subsequently worked in various design fields, initially in the computer games industry as a digital artist, moving on to print, advertising and web development. Aoife's work has included collaborations with many artists, sculptors and film makers at Arthouse Multimedia Centre for the arts, Dublin. She has illustrated three Irish language children’s books. Aoife moved to Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1998. Since 2003 she has worked as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. She is based on the Ards Penninsula.

"I have always loved nature and the great outdoors. Gardening transfixes me in the same way as drawing and painting. With the arrival of Morris, our first Old English sheepdog, "walkies" in all weathers became compulsory. This led me to discover the vast and varied changeability of plants. Their moods, demeanours, their complex characters and how they react to different environmental influences. I became very interested in exploring this further and began photographing the same plants on different days discovering their unique personalities, their diversity and how they interact and behave with each other in a group much like human beings. I intend using this as a basis for my project.

Process and Project intent

Working with photography, ink, acrylic, pen and collage. My work explores the obscure and overlooked characteristics and characters of plant life. While maintaining the integrity of botanical form and structure, through attention to detail and accurate draughtsmanship my work steers off the conventional botanical artists path. Using photography, digital technology and mixed media I will reconstruct and produce my own interpretation of plants, their found environment and characters, resulting in an abstract, whimsical fairy-tale like visual record of my findings, bridging what is obvious to the eye with what is felt and bringing plants and flowers to "life" as we humans call it rather than static organic objects.

René Descartes… “In the absence of external forces, an object's motion will be uniform and in a straight line.”

design & development