Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belen Paton

Transdisciplinary artist: photography, painting, multidisciplinary installations, sound, audiovisual media.

Artist Intro

Belen Paton is a Graduate in Fine Arts (UGR, 2006) and holds a Master’s degree in Art and Technology (UPV, 2007). In addition, she has carried out studies at the Académie Royale des Beaux Arts de Bruxelles (2004/2005) and received different awards and artistic scholarships in Spain and abroad. Currently working as audiovisual creative in Madrid. Cities interpreted [Road Closed] is an interdisciplinary project that combines photo montage, painting and audiovisual techniques in which the city is the main element. The project was conceived as a video installation since it is about different interpretations of towns and their intrinsic characteristics: their life and architecture and the preservation of their identity over time. In this project it is the city, that huge space with impressive buildings, the one that reinvents itself artistically to revive the spectators’ awareness over the town environment. The identity of the city reminds us of the collective and cultural problems as a society and helps us to design cities through initiatives on the Commons, against the new architectural design of cities tends to reticular expansion, without a core that creates a provocative collective sense of social changes. The work process involves a search for the most distinguishing landmarks of several cities for this occasion, Belfast will be the city on which I will develop my work. Photography serves as the basis for the creation of a collage, which is treated artistically. Finally, the collage is animated digitally to provide it with a sense of atmosphere (light, space, movement, time) that suggests this city to me.

design & development