Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Ben Malcolmson

Artist Intro

Ben Malcolmson (b.1999) is a photographer born and based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Ben works within the parameters of photography, video and sculpture exploring alternative photographic processes with relation to one’s land and identity. His practice further deals with the communication of the landscape, looking at the familiar and psychological complexities of the self with performative-based elements as an undertone.

Ben is a recipient of the Arts Council Northern Ireland Individuals Emergency Resilience Programme (2020) and 126 Gallery’s Micro-Grant Programme (2021). Ben is a current studio artist based at Flax Artist Studios in their Emerging Artist Programme and is a current participant in The Douglas Hyde Gallery, Student Forum iii Project 2020/21.

In 2019, Ben was awarded to be apart of Making Marks by the Arab British Centre, funded by the British Council Kuwait. Making Marks, explored the impact of international working on emerging artists. Ben’s residency to Kuwait was one stage in the Making Marks project. Over several months, Ben worked with Belfast Exposed Gallery on a body of work titled Murmur which was exhibited in the gallery as a solo show during February 2020.

Ben Malcolmson will utilise the DAS Home Residency to explore 3D rendering and modelling software using new technologies to inform his practice through the technical mentorship of the DAS staff. Involving coding and programming, Ben plans on creating work that explores ideas of immersion through the act of otherness employing VR and augmented realities as a medium to explore these distorted rendered realities of the body and landscape.

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