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Cailean Finn

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Artist Intro

Cailean Finn is a media artist and creative technologist based in Ireland. His practise critically engages with technologies deeply embedded in our society, exposing underlying structures, relationships, and hidden processes. Cailean’s interest in exploring digital technologies and ideas around computation in his work comes from a background in Computer Science. In 2021 he then went on to complete a Masters in Art and Technology from the University of Limerick. During this period, Cailean expanded his interest further by exploring contemporary media art practices, while developing his practice across various forms of digital and visual media. The work that Cailean produced was heavily inspired by a range of artists and researchers such as James Bridle, Mario Klingemann, and Woody and Steina Vasulka, with his masters thesis “Electronic Image: An Object of Time and Energy”(2021, University of Limerick) investigating the visual language of the electronic signal by reconfiguring analogue processes for digital environments.

Since graduating, his practice and works have primarily revolved around exploring Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms as part of a developing ecology. Cailean's works titled “(O)MACHINE”(2022) and “EPCH-XY”(2022) are examples of critical engagement with the emerging technology. In 2022, Cailean worked as an AI Technician and Researcher for Soyun Park in the Netherlands - working on projects such as “Fantasia Realism”(2022, Rewire Festival) and “Volumetric Interviews”(2022, RGBdog).

For this residency, Cailean’s aim is to explore the visual language of Computer Vision tools, and their inherent biases when operating in urban and rural environments. Ultimately, the final work will aim to showcase the algorithm's inability to adapt when introduced to environments that extend outside of their narrow objectives and taught representations of the physical world.

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