Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Carrie Firman

Carrie’s work explores the experience of synaesthesia, a perceptual phenomenon.

Artist Intro

Carrie C Firman grew up in Pennsylvania and received her BA in Commercial Design and Photography at Lycoming College in 2005. After working in the area as a professional graphic designer for four years, she moved to attend the State University of New York at Buffalo and completed her MFA in 2011. Carrie was International Artist in Residence at the Digital Arts Studios for October and November 2011. Carrie's residency project explored her synaesthetic connections between colours and personalities: "During two months living in Belfast, as the International Artist in Residence at Digital Arts Studios, I collected symbols of the surrounding atmosphere, attitude, and history that stood out most. When drawing each of these things, I applied the colouring that most suited each item's reputation, history, and character by matching the personalities that I synaesthetically perceive when describing different hues. For the traditional instruments, I drew upon my synaesthetic perception of colour when hearing sound. As a compilation, I wish this to be a small example of the ways mental imagery and perception, while experienced by all, are very different for each one of us. It is these differences that makes each of us our own. This book is a bit of me."

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