Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Charlotte Bosanquet

Artist Intro

I have argued that art is a collaborative process that can’t exist without the help and dialogue of others. Using rigmorolish site-specific actions and engaged community arts practise I perform, direct and facilitate actions, performances and events which attempts to democratise their encounter by encouraging shared experiences. More recently I have returned to making sculptural forms, painting and drawing to communicate ideas about materials and the environment in which we live. Charlotte Bosanquet is an artist and curator who graduated from Glasgow School of Art (2004) and moved to Belfast in 2008. She was a Catalyst Arts co-director from 2009-2011. From 2004 to 2007 Charlotte co-curated Cabin Exchange in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Melbourne. She was selected for the Curator in Residence, PS², (2011), curated FieldWork for the Niland Gallery, Galway, and ‘Tock Tock’ in the Craft Collective, Belfast among others. Her practice included working as an artist in communitites for the Upper Springfield Development Trust and the Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast. She was shortlisted for EVA 2014 and in 2014 represented the Golden Thread in Scope Art Fair, New York. She is a founding member of PRIME collective.

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