Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Chloe Austin

Artist Intro

How can I transform language into a visual spectacle?

How can I transform language into a visual?

How can I transform language into a?

How can I transform language into?

How can I transform language?

How can I transform?

How can I?

How can?


My work forms a multidisciplinary practice, working with performance, video, photography and creative writing. I am interested in exploring the effects on the body due to our ever changing environment which often emerges from an autobiographical context. My practice attempts to interweave language, repetition and identity which leads me to my new project that I will be working on throughout my time at DAS; Words you believe//Words you don’t.

How dependable are we on words and/or words of affirmation? We hold on to words, we lose them constantly yet we continue to follow them. By questioning elements of this specific love language – words of affirmation – I wish to explore repetition in relation to technology, intimacy, familiarity and fear.

What happens when words are repeated, do they lose meaning? Do they create a new one? Can they expose fundamental connections between idea and identity?


Chloe is a visual artist currently situated in Belfast and has recently completed the MFA in Fine Art at Ulster University (2020) after receiving her BA in Fine Art from Crawford College of Fine Art and Design in Cork (2017). She is now a studio member of Flax Arts Studios.

Chloe has exhibited in various venues across Ireland and UK, including GOMA Waterford, Cork Film Centre, Catalyst Arts and The MAC International, Belfast. She has experience in working with communities and exploring socially engaged practices from previously completing the Curational Internship at the 126 Gallery (2017) and acting as Creative Director of Re-Vision Performing Arts Festival (2018 - Present).

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