Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Chloe Brenan

Artist Intro

Chloe Brenan’s work hinges on minimalist interactions with objects, images and texts and often steps between the languages of film, print, installation and lens-based media. She is interested in semiotics, repetition, synchronicity and the methods by which meaning is constructed. Conversely, she is also interested in the points where signs fail and meaning collapses, interpreting such moments as expressions of the limits of communication. She engages various literary, historical and filmic references to explore the intricate relationship between language, image, and experience. Works are generated in such a way that the apparatus of their making is revealed, so that the materiality, structure and content, is semantically integral to the piece’s reading. Recurring themes are explored on a formal level, which include communicative gaps, translations, ellipses, and the inevitable shortcomings of the archive as document.

design & development