Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Christina Maher

Artist Intro

Memory, time and the physical body are important aspects within the work. This is used in order to question my own mortality and my position within the world through the use of photography and video. I mainly work within a series of photographs, or single projections in dark spaces. I explore the fragile line between our conscious and unconscious memory, a lack or loss of control in relation to sleeping, dreaming and dying. A transition between states. I often use surreal or abstract imagery in order to explore unconscious thought processes or to capture the essence of a dream state. My body is frequently present within my work, playing with the relationship between my physical self and my surroundings; sections of my body placed in odd spaces almost merging with the space itself. I work mainly within domestic spaces exploring and revealing nooks, crannies and intimate spaces contrasting with the mundane everyday existence. I am interested in the idea of the bed becoming a cocoon, a place to regenerate, to collect memories, or to die. I use the camera as a tool to capture fragile, ethereal moments, like light creeping under the door, on the floorboards across the bed, things gone unnoticed or fragments of something that once existed, yet is no longer there.

design & development