Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Ciarán Hussey

UK & Ireland Artist in Residence

Artist Intro

Ciarán’s work revolves around the psychological effects that contemporary capitalist society has placed upon its practitioner and the illusion of freedom & choice that's scripted by regulators in suits. The development of paper-thin representations dreamed up by advertising agencies and production companies, consumed by capitalist society, has caused a sense of numbified emptiness, repetitiveness, alienation, and a general apathy. We have developed an agitated sense of expectation, as we await some form of salvation, in the guise of commodities, services, fame and celebrity, that will deliver some solace, but instead are left with a niggling dissatisfaction and a constraining feeling of being cheated. Ciaran received a first class honours degree in fine art (printmaking) in 2008 from Limerick School of Art & Design, and a distinction in a Masters of Fine Art from the University of Ulster in 2010.

design & development