Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Elien Ronse

Artist Intro

The central topic in the work from Elien Ronse (°Belgium, 1987) is domestic space. Ronse methodically collects observations about intimate structures, applying arbitrary rules to organise and display an archive about households. In 2015 Ronse started a project in which she sleeps in different houses in order to document private life. She was working in Vienna, Taiwan, Belgium, Berlin, Athens, Korea, France and now Northern-Ireland. The act of brushing teeth together and seeing hosts first thing in the morning reveals information about people that is not accessible in public space. A house holds the most intimate aspects of a person’s life, while at the same time is filled with commonly available things. As a micro-historian Ronse searches to see the function of authorities, history and future within details from domestic life.

Ronse uses the archive to make installations, games, audio- and videowork. She has a master degree in Visual Art and exhibited in Kristof Declercq Gallery (Ghent, Belgium), Bozar (Brussels, Belgium), D'CLINIC (Slovenia), Das Weisse Haus (Vienna, Austria), Homecomings (Berlin, Germany), Agora (Berlin, Germany), Pier 2 (Taiwan), Metamatic:taf (Athens, Greece) and Barimart (South-Korea).

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