Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Emily McFarland

Artist Intro

Working predominantly in the medium of film and sculpture Emily McFarland’s research based works reflect on modes of representation and political power through the use of reappropriated, archival and filmed footage. The recontextualization and new combinations of particular contemporary and historical narratives, 1960’s radical film, materials relating to counter-culture and protest, draw lines to formulate new meaning. The work seeks to unravel and reveal articulations of value, power and a hierarchy of systems using the status and uncertain purpose of the image and art object. Emily McFarland lives and works in Glasgow. Recent exhibitions include, Fortress, Kakuouzan Apartment, Nagoya, Japan, Prehistoric Loom, No Toilet, Seoul, South Korea, ScreenGrab, Pinnacles Gallery, Townsville, Australia, MFA Degree Show, The Glue Factory, Glasgow, An Other Ending, Glasgow Open House, Glasgow, From Context to Exhibition, The LAB Gallery, Dublin and Extravagant Histories, Birr Civic Office Gallery, R.O.I. McFarland was the recipient of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland Travel and Training Award (2013), The Leverhulme Arts Scholarship (2012) and International Artist Residency Award at The National Gallery of Indonesia (2015).

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