Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Emmanuelle Nègre

International Artist in Residence Emmanuelle now lives and works in LaStation, Nice.

Artist Intro

Emmanuelle Nègre is from Nice, France. Having studied at the Villa Arson, her practice mainly entails making video installations in an experimental way. For her residency at DAS Emmanuelle worked on a video project based on the question; ” Have you ever seen something strange?”

“She acts like a destroyer to better reconstitute, questioning the methods of cinema from the paranormal to the super 8 through the flipbook. She accelerates or stops the scrolling of the images to grab, to re-experiment manually, creating as a crazy amateur scientist, new methods disrupting the balance of the visible to the invisible. This fascination for the image that carries Emmanuelle Nègre in all her pieces is most of the time performed by the means of a machine. This machine does not proceed as a way of duplication but as the deformation of the image, a reconsideration of a shape, which becomes unique under the process of the artist.” Text written by Benedicte LePimpec.

Emmanuelle was on the committee of Catalyst Arts, Belfast from 2011 to 2013 and is currently living and working as a resident artist in the non-profit organisation LaStation in Nice.

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