Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Fiona Gordon

Future Labs Foundation Residency

Artist Intro

Fiona outlines her own version of female experience through video and digital processes to flip the restricted, minimized idea of femininity on its head and embraces the surreal and the bizarre. Her work explores excess with reference to fashion iconography while using performative personalities to explore the notion of being excessive or ‘extra’. These personalities reveal the gap between women’s interior voice and expectations of exterior perfection.

Playing into the chaos of internet culture, Fiona reminds her audience that they are shifting away from authenticity and towards the thirst for churned out content. Using her own image in her work challenges perceptions of femininity to unfold the tensions that arise when viewing oneself as the image, capturing that all-consuming online and screen-based existence. By employing computer altering processes onto herself in our digital reality, Fiona avoids voyeuristic anxieties to destroy the idea that women have an inherent love for the camera. This captures the fragile relationship between women and imagery. It exposes how editing can completely disturb reality; femininity is then something malleable, manipulated and toyed with.

Fiona is a Kildare born artist based in Limerick City and graduated from Limerick School of Art & Design in 2021. Since graduating her work has been shown as part of 6 group shows across Ireland, Finland & Russia. She exhibited as part of the 2021 RDS Visual Art Awards at the RHA, the 39th EVA International, Origins at St.Carthages Hall and The Feminist Supermarket at Ormston House. She was awarded The Eleanor Lawlor Performance Art Residency by Livestock Live Art & MART Gallery & Studios and undertook a short residency at PS2, Belfast.

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