Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Francis O'Mahony

Artist Intro

Did you ever wish you were a fairy or some other mythical being as a child? All I ever wanted was to be a mermaid, and so did an endless amount of other transgender children. Growing up and realising the scaly tail you agonised over was due to a body that felt more foreign and mythical to you than any sailor’s tale is a painful reality. I wish to capture the innocent daydreams of escaping into the sea only to grow up and realise you feel more stranded on land amongst your peers. The loss of innocence behind realising the intent of your childhood daydreams is something myself and my transgender friends have in common. Through a mix of video and photography, I will document my experience as a transgender man; jealous of my blissful ignorance to the reason behind my childhood wishes, and the pain I suffered as that dream drifted further from me in puberty. I dreamt of gills, but I only ever experienced the growing pains of fishhooks.

design & development