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Gabriel Jaluize

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Artist Intro

Gabriel Jaluize is a creative music composer based in Dublin city. Gabriel is

an expert in his field having completed a Masters in Music Composition at

Trinity College in 2017. He has gone on to further his knowledge by studying

Algorithmic Music, Orchestration, and Music Programming for Video Games.

He has dedicated years to developing his craft and showcasing his style which

can be seen in his projects from commercial work and non-commercial work.

Creating and producing music; designed for media or composing algorithmic

and computer-based compositions and engaging music on VR experiences

applying new ideas to use music in the VR World.

In the residency in Digital Arts Studios, he wants to explore the gap

between sound design and interactive music systems and also show the

importance of gesture throughout sound and interactivity by the user's

experiences. Technology will help to create and develop the best approach to

accomplish this project using MAX/MSP and interfaces to collect data from the

hand gestures, and also will help program the system to design the sound


design & development