Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Gerard Carson

Artist Intro

Convoluted mutant forms, ecological breakdown, industrial mineral extraction, and data modelling inform Carson’s practice, where objects, materials, and subjects that were once considered “known” or “stable” take on weird characteristics, emerging as potent singularities that dissolve anthropocentric desires of infinite extraction and perpetual economic growth. His practice operates within a speculative zone of indeterminacy, wherein the sculptural object meshes with computer-generated environments, producing strange vectors of feedback and contemporary myth-making.

The unknown qualities of processes and materials foreground Carson’s works, making use of ‘natural’ and synthetic substances such as concrete, thermoplastics, steel, and silicone, coalescing via mould-making, casting, and applied processes. These physical processes are conducted in tandem with digital production in video, audio, and 3D modelling software. Within this digital territory, the sculptural coalition manifests itself in simulated zones, drifting between generative/degenerative factors, borders of being, and contingency.

During his time on the DAS residency, Carson seeks to further these aspects of his research and practice developing the digital features of his practice, producing a series of works that focuses on intersecting subjectivities, compromised modes of production, and alien phenomena.


Gerard Carson (b.1987) is a visual artist currently based in Belfast, N.Ireland. He is a current co-director of Platform Arts Gallery and is a studio member with QSS.

Carson is a graduate from the Ulster University School of Fine Art and The Chelsea College of Art, where he received the Frank Bowling Scholarship Award in 2014.

His works have previously been shown in numerous group exhibitions in Ireland, London, and China. Carson also forms part of the collaborative project “Goo Notorious” alongside London-based artist Andrew Rickett, of which their works were shown as part of the Deptford X festival, held in South London in the autumn of 2018.

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