Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Grace Kim

Grace Kim is an artist engaged with time-based media and photography

Artist Intro

Grace's work explores existential liminality and the otherness of time, space, consciousness, and memory. She activates images, spaces and experiences where inner and outer dimensions co-exist, cancelling one another out, contradicting one another, simultaneous birth and annihilation. A spiritual journey underlays the work, reflecting a view of life as a circle of karmic contradiction, reverberated through a stillness of meditation. Grace currently lives and works between Berlin and New York. For the exhibition 'Fabric' Grace will show Glass Curtain, a meditation on time, memory, and the loss of innocence of childhood. 'In 1961 the Berlin Wall was erected along the street Bernauerstrasse along the center of the city. The apartment buildings that lined the street became part of the structure itself - so that the front entrance faced the East while the back windows faced the West. Many people jumped out of their windows to freedom, and many lost their lives in their attempt. In this appropriated news footage from that time, a child watches the drama, crying as her father tries to comfort her.'

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