Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Hannah Woodside

Artist Intro

'I work alongside my partner, Shane Donaldson. Shane and I graduated from the BA Fine Art programme at Ulster University, before relocating to London to undertake postgraduate studies in September 2017.

“Belfast Bread Project” is the accumulation of our artistic practices. It began with an event at the Slade School of Fine Art which we call “Let’s make a Cheese Sandwich”. Using sourdough bread and a vintage cheddar, staff and students were invited to construct their individual sandwiches. This engagement took place in Slade’s workshop facilities among a collection of machinery and tools. We concluded with a discussion about why the event was, and was not, art.

Shortly after, we discontinued our formal education and departed for Europe; participating in conferences, events, and harvests to gain a better understanding of the lifestyles that surround our food. We consequently found ourselves immersed in the lives of others, accustoming to their interpersonal relationships and daily routines. Moving beyond the satiation of appetites, we hope to discover what fundamentally makes us human; interpreting what we choose to eat, drink, share, and celebrate.'

design & development