Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Jason Rasmussen

Artist Intro

Jason Rasmussen is a San Francisco Based multi-media artist whose creative methodology is both conceptual and expressive. He draws from such influences as industrial design, the Internet, craft, and mythology. The semiotics of functional interaction and it’s commercial abstraction is a central theme in his work. Straddling the troublesome divide between the organic and the virtual, Jason explores alternative socio-ideological perspectives on interactive technology and the resulting actions adopted into daily life. He uses a wide range of media including sculpture, installation, robotics, web, video, and performance in his practice.

Works such as “Ember,” an installation in which people create music by sharing the time spent with the work, forms new social landscapes while exposing a more organic version of a technological social structure. Jason’s redrawing of the lines between the biological and technological can also be seen in some of his other projects such as “Rebark,” a tree stripped of bark only to have it carved back in, and “Feedback Motion” a robotic feedback machine. Jason has exhibited in San Francisco and Internationally with Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and The Exploratorium as well as with Diego Rivera Gallery, and Inner Mission Gallery.

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