Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Jiann Hughes

I am a media artist and researcher exploring the relations between human bodies and society through technology.

Artist Intro

I am an artist and researcher exploring the relationship between human and non-human bodies, culture and technology. While my work spans various media, primarily video, sound and computational media, the majority of my artworks are interactive in nature. They sometimes engage in participatory practices and often having a live art element. My practice is driven by a curiosity about how we perceive, and thus make sense of, the world. I create playful contexts in which to explore the qualities of sensing, acting and reflecting. Percolating ideas, sensibilities and materials that resonate with each other I have engaged with a breadth of issues, from pervasive surveillance culture, the quantified self movement and factory farming to carbon emission solutions, public displays of affection and boxing coaching. More recently I have been creating body responsive installations that act like laboratories for embodied explorations. Some of these works use biofeedback technologies that publicly project the body’s most intimate responses, such as heartbeat and breathing patterns, using sound, video and light. I have explored the embodied, aesthetic and affecting experiences of encountering these biosensing artworks through a fully funded practice based PhD at the University of Technology, Sydney. A graduate from the Sydney Film School I have a Masters degree in Community Cultural Development from the University of New South Wales, Sydney. When I work within communities I predominately use video and sound to enable participants to express their creativity. My work has been exhibited in Australia, Hungary, Ireland, New Zealand and the UK. Having returned to my hometown I work out of the Digital Arts Studios and Farset Labs in Belfast.

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