Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Joey O'Gorman

Winner of the Ulster University MFA Graduate Residency Award 2018

Artist Intro

Joey’s practice is oriented around research and experimentation and it aims to evoke some sense of what lies beyond the boundaries of perception and conception. He explores the world by examining its complexity and richness, alluding to its dynamics, enigmas and counter-intuitive relations; pushing and pulling at the uncertain periphery of understanding. The work tries to identify diverse dimensions of experience and seeks the vital and personal within abstract ideas, asking where and how humans and nonhumans interpenetrate. He is currently a PhD researcher at the Belfast School of Art where he is investigating ecological space and how an art practice can foster new understandings of our place in an age of environmental collapse.

Joey is planning to produce a new body of video works which will complement his research into ‘extended experience’, a way of seeing our personal experience as contiguous with other organisms, technologies and ideas, and ultimately more remote objects, systems and processes. The co-creation of humans, other actors and the environments they inhabit is the starting point for speculative works that explore complex, hybrid ecologies. Experimental field recording will be used to produce an archive of digital media which will be edited into video and sound pieces that will accompany installations and texts.

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