Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Jonny McEwen

Winner of the University of Ulster MFA Graduate Residency Award 2014

Artist Intro

I come from a background in painting, and am now working with video and code, producing code driven, digital works with a painterly aesthetic. The new work evolves in a generative way, simultaneously constructing and de-constructing. I create code that constantly generates new images, while referencing a painting that was created at a certain point in the past. The code draws/constructs with an infinite possibility, over a video that has captured an event from the past. There is a gentle interplay between the video and the code, between the possible and the impossible, between the past and the future. I am now involved in the use of HD video to create new digital art pieces that use both video and coded elements. I wish to return to landscape as a theme, and examine the edges of the urban landscape.

design & development