Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Katalin Tesch

Katalin Tesch is a video and media artist, currently living and working in Budapest.

Artist Intro

'My main focus in art is on rediscovering personal, public and virtual space through familiar, yet kind of twisted visual stimuli to investigate what we label as ‘reality’. In my practice I use different kinds of media and various motion graphic techniques, sometimes combined, to offer alternative perceptual situations. Recently I prefer working in/with public space over the isolated gallery environment, so I have to deal with the problem of using electricity or installing expensive technical equipment in public sites. My project, "A Reverse View" was an experiment with reversed perspective, also known as “God’s perspective”, in the context of perceiving beauty. At the beginning of my residency period and my research, I had to analyse various, digital and manual methods to achieve my goal. So the first challenge of my residency was to choose the right and generally the most effective way that enabled me to finish my project in two months. Since DAS is very well equipped with all kinds of softwares, and as I had the chance to work with an enormous computer screen, I decided to create my project in a completely digital way. Eventually for making the video I had to use three different softwares: one for sculpting and animating the character, one for placing her into the actual true reversed perspective 3D scene and one for editing and post-production. For the first two stages of work, I was able to use open source softwares, while for post-production I used After Effects, provided by DAS. Since fashion-related context is a crucial element of the concept, I decided to install the video in a busy shopping environment. Angela, director of DAS, was a huge help again at this point, she was able to arrange the large BBC screen in front of the City Hall for my presentation. Despite the extreme weather conditions, the show was an inspirational experience for me and I am very happy to include the documentation in my portfolio. With the help of DAS I was able to realise an idea that I have been curious about for several months. Objects placed in a mathematically true reverse perspective have been kind of an essential question in my general work, and now that I actually have seen the outcome myself, it means further inspiration for my future, perception-related projects. From the very first day of my residence at DAS I was convinced that I would be given any support I needed to complete my proposed project in an excellent working environment. The studio is in a great location and the 24-hour access was very convenient at some points of my work. From the beginning of my stay, Angela and Catherine were very helpful and supportive, while at the same time they let me work independently. That didn’t mean isolation - the atmosphere of the studio space, occupied by other amazing artists was kind of perfect in the sense of motivation, inspiration and constructiveness. I am very thankful for having the opportunity to meet all of them.’ Katalin started her studies with both fields of music and art. After graduating at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest in 2005, she continued her studies in Switzerland in the field of New Media. In her projects she attempts to widen our visual and physical perspective by creating alternative perceptual worlds. Her works, mainly experimental videos, have been shown in various festivals, from the Zürich Festival of the Arts to the Seoul International Film Festival.

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