Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Kathleen O'Leary

Residency award winner in association with the Arts and Disability Forum

Artist Intro

Kathleen is an artist based in Ireland. She completed a Masters Degree in Art in the Contemporary World from NCAD, Dublin, 2013 and a B.F.A (Hons) Degree, I.T., Sligo, 2005. Her visual arts practice involves creating and developing a particular goal towards inclusion and participation within an artistic and research context.

Her interests in communicating interpretations of the body and the landscape have become a cohesive language. She often includes her own body within this lexicon. In recent years collaborations with artists, musicians, performers and technicians have created new interactive audio/visual artworks.

As an artist her work is multidisciplinary including processes such as drawing, printmaking, video, sculpture installation, photography and interactive media. These layers conceptualise and create reflections on the ever-changing world by utilizing the abstract space in-between to create a unique perspective and pliable structure.

These have become her methods for navigating the blurry terrain of memory and imagination, reflecting her viewpoint of the world. She traces and retraces, tracing her path, mapping serves as a metaphor for searching, an implication of the unknown in wide, open spaces, paralleled with her personal confines, exploring 'time and space' in her research methodologies.

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