Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Malachy McCrudden

Artist Intro

I am a documentary and portrait photographer from Belfast, Northern Ireland. My work in recent years has involved looking at the use of sport for social healing and the empowerment of disenfranchised people, focusing on street-connected children around the globe.

I have been influenced by and interested in sub cultures and groupings of people for some time now and partnered with charities to lend my support and help to build an awareness of child homelessness using photography to show the inequalities people face.

It is this same process of looking and documenting I wish to bring to a new body of work looking at set updocumentary and use of light.

I hope to now further my work by identifying groups not just with one particular issue in mind but to discover them already existing in my daily life and explore what makes them unique to society as a whole.

Therefore it is natural for me as an artist to turn towards my peers and other artists who have inspired me, I wish to begin my look at sub cultures by focusing on the artists, creators and makers of Northern Ireland. The arts scene here can be quite insular and as so I will be visiting artists and makers in their own studios and documenting their creative processes to show how they work.

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