Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Michael Weir

Artist Intro

Michael Weir is a photo, video, and sound artist from County Down, Northern Ireland. Across different media, Michael’s work draws on nature imagery and the private, personal experience of the individual. Michael’s practice began in electroacoustic composition and interaction design while studying at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast. He then developed an interest in the photographic arts while working as an acoustical engineer in Thailand. His early photographic work attempted to convey the vibrancy of Thai life and landscape. Since returning to Northern Ireland, his interest has turned to exploring universalities of experience and character across locations and individuals.

During his residency at DAS Michael will be experimenting with short, looping images as a form distinct from photography and film. Inspired by the GIF file format and its use online, he will test the effect of using GIF-like short looping images in an offline context. Michael’s aim is to work out their capacity for unique expression, separate from typical online aesthetics and associations. The images will continue the themes of his previous visual work, such as rumination, isolation, and inner experience.

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