Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Mirna Bačun

International Artist in Residence

Artist Intro

Mirna Bačun was born in 1982 in Zagreb. In 2005 she graduated in journalism from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Zagreb. She currently works in Zagreb as a videographer. "In my artwork I have always been interested to search, transform and create the meaning, under the surface of obvious or exact. In my opinion, art is supposed not only to change you, but to transform you. Changes can happen without our understanding or our consent. Transformations mean that you've not only changed, it means it has happened within you, with your full consciousness, and your consent. Poetry is one of my passions, and since words are a very powerful tool, I've always strived to have a little catharsis while creating a poem – and to go through a transformation within. As a video artist, I am looking for the same thing while I use frames to speak for themselves, their view of the situation, emotion or atmosphere, and put them into the context of the theme. This is why I started combining the two passions in my life – video and poetry. I'm trying to transfuse the sensitivity of a poetry essence into video, without losing the transformational experience, and in the same time, giving the poetry the stability, the frame and a point of view that a moving picture has. Together with the sound, poetry gets a new meaning and different perspective."

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