Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Moira McIver

UK & Ireland Artist in Residence

Artist Intro

"I am currently a lecturer at the University of Ulster and work with students on the Fine and Applied Arts course. I work mainly in photography and video. Since the 1990s my work has dealt with historical subject matter, in particular the relationship between individual and public histories. The work often explores the mediation of historical information and highlights those whose stories may have been overlooked or crossed certain boundaries, which may be regarded as controversial, or taboo. This work was also concerned with history as evident through the physical body. More recent work has been based on plant imagery and in 2007 I was commissioned to produce a series of photographs for the new Maternity Unit of the Ulster Hospital. In 2009 I produced a series of large-scale photographs based on plant imagery from the Walled Garden in Castle Park for a Public Art project on the seafront in Bangor."

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