Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Muireann Nic Cába

Artist Intro

I want to create an art experience where the user can interact using their handheld device freely interacting with the space. Making art accessible the audience is not disembodied but takes themselves into the experience creating links between the physical space and the user. Living and working in Belfast for a number of years I have built a relationship with the place itself. I wish to draw attention to local people, local voices, stories, anecdotes and local expression that brings a vibrant colour to the space. Muireann holds a BA in Fine Art, Sculpture and Combined Media from Limerick School of Art and Design and an MA in Interactive Media from University of Limerick. Originally from County Galway, now living and working in Belfast. ‘My artistic process is rooted in both my interests of innovative technology and the crossover with more traditional mediums. I believe that the interactive medium provides a rich environment to explore the connections between people and art. In addition to my interactive projects I have exhibited several works including drawings, paintings and sound art installations.

design & development