Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Neil Rodden

Winner of Ulster University BA Graduate Residency Award 2015

Artist Intro

Over the past three years, the outcomes and documentations of my practice have taken the form of digital video, photography and recorded sound. Most of this work has been put together using Final Cut Pro and Audacity, with some use of analogue sound recording equipment and little or no use of digital after effects. These representations of my ideas are a distillation of a wider set of sculptural processes and use of materials. The practical aspects of my work often involve periods of construction and assembling of objects before the process of filming or ‘capturing’ is considered. These video pieces have been made up of short animated, time lapse sequences accompanied by ‘found audio’ collages and minimalist musical scores. Often taking a domestic setting, such as a bathroom or bedroom or inhabiting confined, set-like abstract spaces. The deconstruction, re-appropriation and fetishisation of objects are recurring themes within the work. Human clutter and household utilities are examined in a meditative light. The stop motion photography technique details the subjects’ surrounding cycles of light and appears to hold them in a state of vibration.

design & development