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Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Nicky Larkin

Nicky Larkin works mainly in the medium of experimental film and video-art

Artist Intro

Nicky's practice is chiefly concerned with examining ideas of environment and identity, and how they can influence, inform and change each other. 'In my video and film work, I have a preference for the use of extremely long takes with minimal cuts and lack of conventional structure, a form of anti-dote to the proliferation of shunts, technical events and rapid fire editing we are pounded with in contemporary popular culture. We are constantly bombarded with flashing screens, surrounded by millions of pixels, and we're slowly evolving into twitching goggle-eyed freaks.' Nicky Larkin was born in Birr, Ireland in 1983. He studied Fine Art in Galway-Mayo I.T. and Chelsea College of Art, London. Working mainly in the medium of experimental film and video-art, he has exhibited widely both at home and internationally. In 2007 he travelled to the Chernobyl exclusion zone, to shoot the experimental film Pripyat. Pripyat went on to screen at various international film festivals, including Locarno, Strasbourg, Madrid and The European Media Art Festival, Germany. At home, Pripyat was selected for ev+a in Limerick, and TULCA in Galway. In 2009 he was commissioned by The Irish Arts Council and The Belltable Arts Centre to make an experimental film exploring the notorious Moyross and Southill estates in Limerick city. Beyond The Roundabout? screened at various international film festivals, and was adapted into a solo video-installation show in The Belltable Arts Centre, Limerick. In 2010 he created a body of photographic work documenting the lives and conditions inside Tserovani refugee camp in Georgia, established to house the people displaced as a result of the 2008 Russia-Georgia war. He has also made work in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Armenia, Moldova, and the de-facto separatist state of Transnistria. In 2011 he travelled to the Middle East where he directed his first feature-length documentary on the Israel-Palestine conflict, funded by The Irish Arts Council Film Project Award. In addition to his film and video work, he writes a regular opinion column in The Sunday Independent. His written work has also been published by The Jerusalem Post and Allotrope Press. His second feature-length documentary, The Iron Man, is due for release in autumn 2014, which follows one man's fight against terminal cancer over the final two years of his life.

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