Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Paul Marshall

Artist Intro

Working primarily with digital media: video, audio, photo and web-facing technologies underpin Paul’s work. His video work is often filmic in nature and frequency uses surround sound to enhance the immersion of the viewer into the work in Fine Art installation environment for which it is designed.

Paul’s work is largely themed on people and places, connections and sense of identity. Growing up in N. Ireland through the troubles, these have been themes of ubiquity and are reflected in much of his work to date. With the benefit of having travelled widely, he is further struck by the idiosyncrasies of Northern Ireland, the suspension of mutual in preference for tribal logic. Paul believes ‘post conflict’ is a misnomer; we simply became differently conflicted.

In many ways Paul’s personal research interests and practice direction takes him to many places around the world and often to conflicted societies where similar themes are played out. Much of his current work is based around exploring these themes both inside and outside of Northern Ireland. Recent visits include working with the Native American Ojibwe nation of Northern Wisconsin and Ukrainian artists in Kiev and Eastern Ukraine. He is also involved in an early stage documentary project with a large Irish dance company from Chicago.

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