Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Paula Deji

Winner of the Ulster University MFA Graduate Residency Award 2017

Artist Intro

Paula Deji is an emergent artist and her practice draws from lived experiences. As an orthodox christian herself, she focuses on representing augmentative experiences of life considering how encounters hold metaphysical depths.

A major influence on her work is herself being a constant volunteer in a Diaspora orthodox parish. In an international community, orthodox religious cultures are intertwined (such as Russian, Lithuanian, Greek, Bulgarian, Irish and German) and this will be explored in her projects at DAS.

Her artworks are filtered through her curiosity of christian mystiques, metaphysics and moments of empathy. She is using deconstruction methods in revealing spiritual moments, ranging influences from orthodox christian art techniques to cinematic theory on film directors such as Andrei Tarkovsky and Sergei Parajanov.

The mediums she uses are seen through her inclination towards nuances of the painterly. Painters such as Horia Pastina, Giorgio Morandi, Andrew Whyet, René Magritte, by their selection in subject matter and manner of work, influence her. She relates to them visually almost out of coincidence adding witnessed experiences onto the overall art installation.

Her interest is to focus on spiritual moments themselves. More specifically her practice sits alongside post-conceptual and conceptual processes. There is no adherence to artistic process in this sense, as most important is what is expressed.

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