Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Peter Glasgow

Artist Intro

Peter Glasgow lives and works in Belfast. His work explores structure and signification, both within language and in an external world of signs. Individual works use modes of framing, the interpretive and the act of talking about something to transform their subject.

He graduated in 2015 from MA Fine Art Printmaking at the Royal College of Art and was a co-director at Catalyst Arts, an artist-led gallery in Belfast, from 2017 - 2019. Recent exhibitions include Tap, tap, tap at Kingsgate Project Space, London (2019) and Imagining Lines In Other Narratives - a solo project for Art Licks Weekend 2018.

Building on research into the construction and performing of language, Peter will produce a series of improvised video works to be published online over the course of the residency. These will explore the intimacy and communication afforded by online platforms and place an emphasis on iteration and accumulation of meaning across the body of content.

The videos will employ approaches, techniques and devices used in improvisation to produce spontaneous narratives that build on association and intuition and play with the act of interpretation. They will also borrow and explore formats from YouTube content; first person narratives, subjective voices, commentaries.

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