Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Petra Dominová

Future Labs Foundation Residency

Artist Intro

Petra Dominová is a Czech multidisciplinary artist currently based in Northern Ireland. Using myth and personal, intuitive iconography, her work brings attention to the subconscious layers of the psyche, where significance is given to symbolism, depicting a connection to the unity of Nature and our roots, whilst also exploring ideas about consciousness and eco-psychology and expanding our field of vision into the future. Building worlds, that are weaved together through organic forms and figures, submerged in a collective sensuous reality with ideas manifesting in the form of painting, moving image, sound art and installation.

Searching for the hidden and the archetypal, that can be conveyed from the unconscious through symbols, feelings and visions, Petra uses this approach intuitively as a means of introspection. Currently striving to use digital technologies to create work, that is sensory, immersive and interactive.

She completed her MFA in Fine Art at the Ulster University in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 2019 and is currently a studio member of Flax Arts Studios. She has exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions in the UK & Ireland.

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