Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Rachel Alexander

Artist Intro

I am a visual artist exploring ideas around the hyper-sexualized society in which we live. Drawing inspiration from overtly sexual advertisements to the objectification of gender as a sexual object to be bought, sold, bartered, stolen or exchanged by others. I construct various site-specific installations, using a combination of found objects, to investigate the origins of desire. I purposefully choose objects or subject matter that will subtly resonate with the viewer; my use of sausage meat, latex, beads and sugar in a recent installation attempts to address ideas around the uncanny quality of desire. Drawing inspiration from the media, music, memories, conversations, and court proceedings, the development of the work is entirely intuitive. The juxtaposition of sex and violence is commonly associated with pornography and the music and film industry; however such threatening ideas around the nature of sexual desire, language and the gaze are apparent every day. I wish to develop my use of digital media within these installations through my current residency at Digital Arts Studios.

design & development