Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Sol Archer

Artist Intro

Das is pleased to welcome filmmaker Sol Archer who is based between the Netherlands and the UK. DAS will be co-hosting Sol with Household on their new residency program Vicinity. Sol will be working at DAS periodically over a three-year period, developing a project that will explore the communities-of-place, time, and the speculative, multiple identities that exist within the Sailortown neighbourhood in Belfast, as it undergoes rapid development. Through interviews and a series of collaborative workshops, he will begin to work with intergenerational groups of former and current residents to develop scripts and a new participatory film work.

By working with these super-positioned groups in Sailortown, we hope to elicit readings of past, present, and future of the area; archiving histories of this evocative place with former residents; and documenting the present and imagining futures with contemporary young occupants of the district.

Sol works primarily with the moving image, playing in the overlaps between speculation, improvisation, and documentary, to attempt to pick up traces of the interwoven realms of the local and the global, of the performative nature of the world. This is a practice of paying attention, of being attentive to qualities of location, of conversations, interviews, of observation, and through analysis and montage, focussing on site as a intersecting field of narratives, from which to speculate.

Sol holds a MA from the Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam. He has exhibited widely, including at TULCA Galway, Norwich University, the MuKHA Antwerp, High Rise Rotterdam, and the Sydney Biennial. Sol has engaged in residencies at the Jan van Eyck Academie, PEER Amsterdam, Air Antwerp and Capacete Rio de Janeiro.

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