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Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Sophie Daly

Artist Intro

Sophie Daly is an artist living and working between Dublin and Belfast. Daly works primarily digitally, specialising in animation and video. Her practice is concerned with those who are on the margins in Ireland, and with the encroaching destruction of rural communities in Ireland.

“While much (arguably feigned) attention is given to areas of the West, the rural East is almost a paradox in the eyes of city dwellers. While working between the two largest cities in Ireland (Belfast and Dublin), I have found myself stuck in a loop of identity crisis. The city is a state an anxiety, insomnia, sickness and poverty, while the country is a land of isolation, silence and death. The state of rural Dublin is fast disintegrating, turning into resourceless satellite towns, to be swallowed up into metropolitan wasteland.”

During her residency at DAS, Daly is producing an installation comprising of audio and video pieces. She is looking at the history of the Polish community in Ireland prior to Poland’s entry to the EU. She has created a semi-factual narrative based around Irish and Polish relations after WWII. Ireland granted Polish Home Army soldiers free education in Science and Medicine at UCC after the end of WWII. In Daly’s story, this peace keeping operation is infiltrated by the Russian military unknown to the Irish government, and force Polish students into testing biological weapons on a rural island off the coast of Cork. The control is of course accidentally infiltrated, resulting in disaster, much to the fault of poor resources and communications available to rural island dwellers with the mainland.

Sophie Daly received a B.A. (Hons) from the National College of Art and Design in Print and Visual Culture. Only a recent graduate, she has exhibited at the RDS Visual Arts Awards (2018) and Pallas Projects (2019). Currently she is working on a project funded by Fingal’s and Dublin City’s Council Art Offices in collaboration with the Irish Refugee Council and Jigsaw, making a resource website and magazine to encourage mental health wellbeing for those in the asylum process. 

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