Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Stephen Bleakney

Artist Intro

Stephen Bleakney is a digital artist based in Belfast. His chief concerns are pop-culture, technology, accident/artefact and the superabundance of information. His writings, film and audio use the above for environmental reflection, self-portraiture and play. Stephen is currently uploading the collection "Music, Technology and Indolence" to his Idiot Pioneers blog. Created with the help of DAS it comprises a library of sounds personal to the artist in the forms of field recording, re-edits, remixes, DJ sets and original music. Next collection "Selected Indolent Works Vol.1" will follow in 2014. Both are largely born of outside influences which have in some way inhibited the creation of more conventional work: "If it distracts me, if it becomes part of my world, then it gets to become part of the work." These distractions have so far included album hype for Daft Punk and Nine Inch Nails, videogames old and new, trash horror cinema, Mel Brooks and the city of Belfast. For the exhibition 'Fabric' at Platform Arts, I chose to exhibit four longform digital sound pieces. These are respectively based on the music of Nine Inch Nails, the films of David Lynch, the games of Suda 51 (director, Killer7, No More Heroes) and the music of Masato Nakamura (composer, Sonic the Hedgehog). Audio from each is plainly but radically altered digitally and represented. These pieces represent some of my simplest work (one of them was made by changing a single digit number in an .ini file), but I feel that they resist the potential ugliness of minimalism to impart meaning.

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