Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Sylwia Migdal

Future Labs Foundation Residency

Artist Intro

Sylwia Migdal is West Cork - based multidisciplinary artist, researcher and educator.

She primarily creates sound installations, incorporates sound art, technology and science. Her research is inspired greatly by both; the theories of Hydro-feminism and slow violence.

Slow Violence is exposed in her work through the acoustic phenomenon because slow violence is had to see. Through hydro-field recording. she seeks to draw a connection with materiality and fragility of the water and it’s ecosystem

Hydro-feminism shows us that we are all involved in this world threat by the water interactions and circulations. Water flows through bodies, species and materialities, connecting them for better or worse. — Astrida Neimanis

Her research and art projects captures the slow, imperceptible destructiveness of the biosphere in the Anthropocene. Reflecting on this phenomenon, Rob Nixon points out how such slow violence "occurs gradually and out of sight, a violence of delayed destruction that is dispersed across time and space, an attritional violence that is typically not viewed as violence at all". Because slow violence is difficult to visualise, it is rendered through acoustic, aesthetic translations.

Sylwia graduated from Technological University Dublin, BA in Visual Arts in 2020 and completed MA Art and Environment with Technological University Dublin, School of Creative Arts in 2022.

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