Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Tara McGinn

Artist Intro

Practice: My interdisciplinary, process led practice employs the deconstruction of meaning within visual media's generative syntax. I document and collect, through reflexive and creative writing, the elements of visual language that draw my attention in order to critique and re- interpret the root of their intentions, revealing poetic narratives as the primary subject matter. Images become written sentences and texts become snapshots; formats of communication merge and flatten within my studio questioning notions of authorship, decoding representation and migrating perceptions that result in fabricated fictions. The work is heavily influenced by my reading of critical and art historical theory, coupled with contemporary art writing and performative lectures on modern feminism, the role of the artist in society, audience studies and new materialism. My work adopts a variety of media including sculpture, video, photography and installation, where the medium itself is brought into question and subverted.

Project: During my time at DAS I want to expand my skills of video and audio editing in order to pursue new audiovisual projects involving programming and projection which can overlap with live performance for exhibition in 2020. I plan on creating work that explores ideas of inherited family trauma in relation to theories of horror, memory and the body in the context of personal experiences whilst juxtaposing representations in contemporary online media.

Bio: McGinn graduated in 2015 with a BA Hons in Art from the Wexford Campus School of Art and Design, receiving the Student Purchase Award for the IT Carlow Public Collection. She followed her degree by founding the collaborative performance duo Beef or Salmon whom performed in both Wexford (2015) and Dublin(2016), and a solo performance as part of the Evolving Arts Festival in Wexford (2017). She became involved with the Living Arts Project (2015-17) in partnership with the Wexford Arts Centre and Wexford County Council as artist in residence. She is a recent graduate of the MFA in Belfast School of Art, recipient of the interim Alice Berger Hammerschlagg Award (2018), Platform for the Arts Award and DAS Residency Award (2019) for her degree show and was longlisted for the annual RDS Visual Arts Awards.

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