Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Una Walker

Artist Intro

Lexicon of Sovereignty

The main objective of my residency is to develop a series of audio works based on the texts of declarations of independence from a number of countries and from different periods.

The starting point for this project is research I carried out on the emergence of small nations in the aftermath of WW1. The aspirations of these countries were expressed in declarations of independence, using a lexicon which has become common again in public debate. The proposed work will extend the initial research, identifying further source material and developing scripts based on common themes.

I have been making work as an artist over a long period of time and have employedvarious materials and techniques: site and context specific installation; audio and video works; works based on archival research; and works on paper. Two recurring concerns characterise the works. The first is that they are often times-based, either time-limited and/or engaging with some aspect of time as a subject. The second is an exploration of abstract concepts. Much of my earlier work (1980s) drew on history, myth and material culture and cultural practices with particular reference to Ireland. A series of works in the 1990s were on the theme of ‘the art of war’. Subsequently I have produced works dealing with aspects of individual and collective memory.

I was a Research Fellow at NCAD from 2008-2016. My research interests include the historiography of public policy for art and design in Ireland, and design history in Northern Ireland. I was a member of the Digital Repository of Ireland Core Implementation Team from 2011-14 and the principle investigator for the Kilkenny Design Workshops cataloguing and digitization project, completed in 2015.

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