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Wajeeha Batool

Artist Intro

Wajeeha Batool is an artist based in Lahore, Pakistan, who gained her Bachelors and Masters degree in Visual Arts from Beacon House National University (BNU).

Her work deals with the relationship between fantasy and reality. Wajeeha’s use of both organic forms and pixelated shapes serve as reference to living organisms as well as the world of technology. These patterns work together in harmony, often superimposed upon the other, to create a reverie of unpredictable movement and transparent effects.

She was also a Montessori teacher and her experience adds another layer and creates a systematic chaos in her work. Now she is currently teaching at Beaconhouse National University (BNU).

Wajeeha's artwork has been shown in exhibitions in Alhamrah Art Gallery, Lahore, Karachi art Summit, Sanat Initiative Art Gallery Karachi: Reading Between the Lines, Taseer Gallery, Lahore: Domestic Bliss and Antidote Gallery Dubai. She also won a Second place award for Arts Contest from Shaukat Khanum Hospital, Title: Smoking Kills.

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