Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Will McConnell

Winner of the Ulster University MFA Graduate Residency Award 2016

Artist Intro

I’m a visual artist working in video. My focus is on the relationship between technology and the human experience - examining the space between those two concepts and the concept of space in general, both physical and virtual.

I make short video pieces that are mostly episodic, which can exist in their own right, or which in combination contribute to a greater, continually developing work.

I’m interested in daydreaming, trance like states, and out-of-body experiences - something which technology allows us to experience almost every day, by taking a selfie, or searching for your own house on Google Maps.

I use found sounds and images appropriated from Google to make imaginary spaces.

I like the idea of two states of being existing to the eye and ear; to different eyes and ears; the juxtaposition between the two creating a sublime state.

design & development