Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Woong-Yong Kim

Artist Intro

South Korean artist Kim Woong-Yong was International Artist in Residence for October and November 2012. Kim produced two new works during his residency at the studios: a sculptural installation entitled 'The Last Object Recalls the First Past', made from wood, chicken bone and thread, and 'Now Watching', a High Definition video. The work was exhibited on Friday the 23rd November 2012. "My interest in film dates back to my years in high school in Seoul, South Korea, where I discovered photography and literature. As a senior, I took a photography course and it fascinated me how images have a way of storytelling. I explored the combination of these two narrative forms; photography and storytelling, and they naturally lead me to filmmaking. At Geneva University of Art and Design I worked in scriptwriting and short filmmaking. My personal filmmaking projects have involved combinations of classical arts and film, narrative theory and art history. In Seoul I worked at the Media Art centre, Nabi, as archiving film planner and I began a project entitled ‘Two green objects‘ with an old Korean film, creating a reconstructed sequence with original sound from the film." Kim Woong- Yong

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